our team

Rajat Bhakri

For Rajat Travel is something which he inherited because of his father’s transferable job in forces. An avid cricketer during his school and college days, he credits his professional skills on his learning from cricket field and his elder brother Rajiv Sharma. An outgoing person who loves meeting people, dreams to travel and wishes to capture the world in his camera. For him both “Travel and photography” go hand in hand. An optimistic person who firmly believes that challenges and difficult moments of life are spring boards to growth & success.

It is Rajat's 19 years of valuable experience in the travel trade which has groomed him to take on the challenges of life with utmost confidence. Armed with this confidence he has always embarked on a path with a mind to explore the unexplored thereby providing the experience which is never experienced before.

The result - start of “Eternal Vacations” - holidaying with a difference.


Seema Sharma

Seema spent her 16 years in the field of Education as she thought it to be most apt for a home maker. Though a science Post Graduate, Seema is very close to the culture and history of India. Travel is her biggest hobby, however at a later stage connected with it more strongly thereby making her hobby as an profession. She hung her shoes in the field of Education to provide the strength to Eternal vacations and is someone who conceptualized “Eternal Vacations” from the word go.

She brings absolutely new perspective to the set up and for her Travel is about fulfilling dreams. We can sum up Seema as – Creative, Courageous & Compassionate.